God is spirit, and his worshipers
must worship in spirit and in truth. John 4:24

Our goal is to celebrate the fact that God, the cosmic Author of the universe and the intimate Creator of each person has gone to great lengths to get our attention. He wants us to know Him and has revealed His character to us in many ways. He opened a way through Jesus, for us to have a daily relationship, a close friendship, with Him.

We intend to use our minds and our hearts to focus on the wonder of who God is and the incredible gifts He’s offered to us. We sing about Who He is, what He's done, and what He says He will do. We sing in declaration of our desire to follow Him wholeheartedly. We sing about His comfort and peace through the good and the bad times.
He is the stable anchor of hope we can always depend on because He is a kind and loving Father
who will never leave us or forget us.

We sing both new and old songs with modern instrumentation. At times the energy is high and people clap,
and other times it's soft and reflective with eyes closed. Some raise their hands in praise.
Our effort is to help facilitate an atmosphere free from unnecessary distractions
so that we can all participate in genuine worship of the only worthy God.

Let's worship together.